Kolbe and instincts

For over twenty years, we have have used Kolbe Wisdom™ to identify instincts among leaders and their teams. The Kolbe Indexes™ are the only assessment tools available to purely measure conation or instinct. 

Long ago, Plato and Aristotle defined that there are three parts of the mind.

  • Affective - relating, feeling
  • Conative - instincts, natural talent for doing
  • Cognitive - thinking, skills, IQ

No one assessment measures all three parts. The field of psychology has predominately focused on the affective and cognitive parts of the mind; believing that conation was too primitive and perhaps too fixed to effect. After all, a Kolbe results - or MO (modus operandi) - does not change throughout one's life and  it is not hereditary. Kathy Kolbe defines your MO as your God-given talent.  

Kathy Kolbe has made it her life work to prove how conation is critical to predicting human behavior and mitigating work-related stress. Kolbe Wisdom gives you the power to build on your team’s natural strengths by providing the tools that will: 

  • Identify individuals’ instinctive strengths and abilities
  • Ensure the right person is in the right job and/or the right team
  • Improve communication strategies and job satisfaction
  • Pinpoint areas of stress in the organization and prescribe solutions
  • Reduce conflict, strain, and tension in the workplace
  • Enhance your competitive advantage by capitalizing on people’s innate strengths
  • Provide the information necessary to predict and maximizing performance
  • Improve team synergy to ensure long-term viability
  • Maximize your employees’ Return on Effort
  • Reduce selection costs while increasing your “hit” rate

Kolbe Wisdom™ is a method for assessing and accessing 12 basic instincts or approaches to creative problem solving. Every human being is endowed with a set of creative instincts – the hard-wired part of us that makes us who we are. Understanding these natural attributes helps focus energy on what we do best. Each person contributes four of these natural abilities. The goal is to seek out people who complement each other through different combinations of creative problem solving methods.

Kolbe Wisdom™ provides tools to inventory the available and needed creative energy on project teams.  We coach leaders so they can “better their best” through building and managing teams with the synergy that results from the right combination of differing creative instincts.  Our products and services will allow you to shift people and resources to their most effective use as you move through the corporate decision-making cycle. 

Kolbe Indexes™

Have you ever wondered why two successful people approach the same job differently? Kolbe indexes™ allow you to discover individuals’ striving instincts and the actions they take because of them. Now you can know in advance what actions you can expect from your employees, how they will perform in teams and where they will be most effective in your organization. These instincts are identified through an easy-to-understand internet-based, 36-question index called the Kolbe A™ index. There are three separate indexes (Kolbe B™ and C™ indexes have 24 questions) that provide the foundation data for all Kolbe performance forecasting.

  • Kolbe A™ Index - validates an individual’s natural strengths and most effective contributions
  • Kolbe B™ Index - defines the individual’s self-expectations of job performance
  • Kolbe C™ Index - defines a manager’s requirements for a specific job

By comparing the Kolbe A and B™ indexes, employees can discover the sources of strain between their innate strengths and their expectations of a job. By comparing the Kolbe A and C™ indexes, employers can forecast an employee’s productivity by measuring the tension between a person’s innate strengths and the requirements of a job.

Indexes are taken online by each participant and results are forwarded to our database.  We prepare results and tools for each participant based on their results.  

Improving Team Performance

Once you have discovered your employees’ innate abilities, how can you take that information and apply it to successful team building?  TeamSuccess® Seminars are dynamic, full or half day sessions that provide an interactive way to explore the workings of specific teams within your organization.  The seminar will:

  • Inventory the instinctive talents that make up your actual - not just desired - culture
  • Leverage these talents so team members consistently and effectively work together
  • Incorporate diagnostic and prescriptive information to accelerate team productivity
  • Provide tools to improve communication and clarify commitment levels

A customized set of Kolbe Organizational Analysis™ and Kolbe Leadership Reports™ offer the highly-quantifiable diagnostic information you need to maximize the effectiveness of any work group. These reports assess team synergy and effectiveness and identify areas of individual and team stress in the organization. Processed through our subscription to the the Kolbe WAREwithal® online software system, prescriptive advice is presented in these reports which are given to Management for use after the seminar.

Right Fit™ is Kolbe’s solution for job matching and selection.  You can accomplish four key objectives by creating a range of success in the Right Fit™ system:

  1. Identify individuals who are already high performers in a role.
  2. Identify individuals who will work cooperatively with the person who fills the role.
  3. Assign the Direct Supervisor of a candidate for a role, which allows you to detect potential instinctive conflicts between the supervisor and the candidate.
  4. Match the requirements of a position against a candidate's natural instincts.  This can be done only if the Direct Supervisor has completed a Kolbe C™ index.

Insight’s Kolbe Consultant will spend time with the business leader(s) reviewing the Leadership and Right Fit™ reports and identifying areas of focus or needs for improvements. This will include identifying challenges with team dynamics and offering prescriptive advice on required action. 

Books by Kathy Kolbe

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Including Powered by Instinct - 5 Rules for Trusting Your Guts

  1. Act before you think
  2. Self provoke
  3. Commit but to very little
  4. Be obstinate - in overcoming obstacles
  5. Do nothing - when nothing works