Growth sparks people and ignites a community. 

Insight SC is a strategic growth firm specializing in the growth of people, organizations and their communities.

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Growing communities led by progressive leaders.

Insight connects leaders and teams to community growth.

Since 1999, we have provided the Insight growth process of Organic Integration to assess circumstances and research opportunities as a foundation for collaboratively creating strategies within dedicated teams to achieve measurable growth goals. 

Our standard growth services require self-awareness and vulnerability among leaders, informed strategic practices, a growth plan, open collaboration, and accountability scorecards to achieve growth-giving outcomes.    


Organic integration.

A leadership process for cultivating growth.


Leadership Awareness

Self-awareness is the key to leadership success. The most effective leaders we know are the most self-aware people we know. They understand the behaviors, triggers and aspirations of themselves and their team members to achieve maximum productivity, performance and fulfillment. 

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Growth Plan

A growth plan can be achieved within four days of focused meetings working from vision to strategy to formulate a measurable strategic framework. The Insight process covers scenario planning, market analysis, unique competitive advantage, organizational models, community planning, public-private partnerships, target customer segments, service and product alignment, departmental strategies, and communications plans to align and activate your leadership team for growth.  

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Team Design

The greatest opportunity gap to close in any organization is the alignment of people to strategy. People are the energy behind execution. Aligning their talents to the roles required for achieving measurable outcomes is the art and science behind taking action to grow.

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Creating action plans, meeting rhythm, scorecards, process maps, communication practices for feedback and development, and technology solutions for project tracking are just some of the disciplines and measures required to bring accountability and success to your teams.

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Intentional invention.

Conformity has become the enemy of American invention. Intentional Invention is the single most courageous and fearless act that our organizations, communities and country can make to revive our roots and flourish to compete and thrive.



Growth projects.


Organic integration cultivates intentional inventions

Every person, organization and community has a unique DNA and a story to be told. These stories need to be collected, shared and celebrated to convey their clear purpose through sound strategy that is executed to engage continuous growth and invention in new -- and in sometimes small, unexpected places.