Career Opportunities at Insight

If you are ambitious and seeking a challenging opportunity to grow in a professional environment serving leaders who are making a difference in their communities, organizations and teams, please apply if you meet the qualifications for the positions listed below. We look forward to speaking with candidates full of energy, passion, initiative, and willingness to take on multiple types of projects.


Project Manager

Project Management


Right hand communicator to President for all communications to clients and external associates. Works with team members to identify challenges, explore alternatives, and recommend expedient solutions.

  • Generally understand program/project objectives with President / Strategist in order to help coordinate the steps required for client work.

  • Acts as client contact outside of sessions with President / Strategist. Based on direction from strategist, instructs client on specific assignments per the direction given. If client needs extra support or instruction beyond knowledge – ask for direction.

  • Lead necessary clients meetings around strategy sessions to keep tasks on focus and provide answers to clients as needed.

  • Manage the Teamwork project management system to be the office’s master organizational tool for all client and Insight project management.

  • On a daily and weekly basis, communicate upcoming and overdue Teamwork items/deadlines with team and clients to keep the focus on priorities. Reaffirm the purpose of tasks as needed. Convey changes and modifications to resources.

  • Primary person responsible for updating daily and weekly deadlines in the system to reflect internal actions and sending client agendas.

  • Oversee project approvals.

  • Search for and find resources required to meet project objectives.

  • Enters personal billable time for projects in calendar, spreadsheet or Teamwork by published deadline.

Client Communications


Be proficient with leading daily communications about project tasks with client, president, strategists, executive assistant and partners. Leads as the central project lead to relieve President and Strategist of fragmented or distracting communications/needs for information that are not relevant to the current focus.

  • Coordinate owner’s schedule and emails to assure timely responsiveness. Check owners emails 4-5 times per day.

  • Confirms all meetings with client and communicates known client updates and scheduling changes to President, Strategist and project partners.

  • Review and routing of incoming email, calls, mail and communications - screens and answers correspondence, prepares outgoing messages and conference calls. Composition and delivery of routine correspondence as needed.

  • Coordination of meetings as directed - reservation and preparation of facilities; records and transcribes meeting minutes. Arrangement and coordination of travel schedules and reservations.

  • Conducts appropriate business etiquette and professionalism in focusing energy toward the client and his/her growth. Avoids distracting client with unnecessary personal information or sidetracks that do not serve the client.

  • Provides the proper environment and setting for clients to learn and work with sensitive issues.

  • Provide client support in client service areas for Insight Strategic Concepts® and BLOOM Performance Management®

  • Coordinate and maintain positive client and vendor partnerships.

Office Administration


Review client meeting 'next steps' with Strategist and Executive Assistant to maintain systems to ensure efficient operations, processing, deadline postings, and report generation including oversight of the following duties:

  • File management and organization - online file systems; regular purging (per Paper Tiger retention schedule) and recycling of magazines and catalogs.

  • Preparation of photocopies and other printed materials - compiles statistics and records; creates presentation binders; develops reports.

  • Proper greeting and direction for visitors to appropriate area or person.

  • Office supplies management - arranges for equipment maintenance; inspects facility for repairs and communicates improvements needed. Regular stocking of paper, office, kitchen (snacks, drinks, condiments), and cleaning supplies. Maintains list of commonly used items and purchases weekly/monthly, or as needed for scheduled meetings and events.

  • Operation of office machines such as copier, mail machine, fax machine, calculator, computers and security system. Makes sure that paper is stocked and in copier at all times. Regularly empties shredder bin.

  • Routine, daily upkeep of facility. Makes sure kitchen area is cleaned up at all times. Spot vacuuming and cleaning and general tidying each day (beyond professional cleaning services).

Information Management & Reporting


Coordinates development of content components as required: research, concepts, diagrams, images, text, design elements, items lists, spreadsheets, worksheets, curriculum etc. for strategy sessions and systems to produce content for reports, meetings and workshops.

  • As needed, assist Strategist with tools, activities and data collection methods during meetings to fulfill agenda as required.

  • Allocates assessment credits as backup for Kolbe, DiSC, Profile XT, Thomas-Kilmann, and others; provides reports and audio links to clients; uploads finished assessment files to the BLOOM system. Checks the system daily, posts results to network, and communicates when results are available.

  • Document all internal common office procedures and post as requested.

  • Proofread and make sure documents and notes are clear and correct before uploading or sending client files or posting to BLOOM.

  • Primary person to post meeting notes, documents and data on network, Teamwork and BLOOM for all projects as requested or required.

  • Monitors all document loads and link-ups to ensure they function properly.

Information Technology Systems


Implementation of BLOOM and other project systems - execute setup, convert client data, load and implement documents, execute links to other client systems, and testing. Know Teamwork, BLOOM system and others to assist clients with general questions, login and use.

  • Develops and maintains BLOOM, Teamwork and other systems including user manuals and help screens to reflect current systems operations, requirements and specifications at all times.

  • Suggest when to upgrade systems to meet changing user and organizational needs. Assists with designing systems specifications and work with programmers to develop system changes.

  • Proficient in all company systems: QuickBooks, Paper Tiger, BLOOM, Teamwork, Kolbe Warewithal, assessment sites, Microsoft Office, and others as required to perform job duties.

Marketing Management


Assist with the execution of Insight and BLOOM marketing plan - online content distribution and vendor management.

  • Assist with coordinating and conducting demos and webinars as advance in role.

  • Assists with business development and completing discovery research and meetings to gain new client relationships.

  • Keeps regular contact with clients after projects to maintain relationship, testimonials and referral opportunities.

  • Maintains quality control standards and design look (colors, fonts, logos) for all information documents and systems, including emails, BLOOM and Teamwork, to reflect consistent thoroughness and accuracy.

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